We believe that all people of all walks and stages of life are invited to share in the grace and love of God. As the church, we trust that we, too, are called to share with all people in God’s loving action in the world. We hope that you will feel welcome and valued as part of this church in whatever capacity feels right for you.

If you are finding San Dieguito UMC to be the church you’d like to call home, and are sensing a call to deepen your commitment to your life of faith in this place, we invite you to contact one of our ministers to ask about membership, or check the weekly announcements to see when the next class of new members will be received. We receive new members in worship four times each year, typically in early and late spring, then early and late fall.

Membership in our church invites baptized persons to be in covenant relationship with the congregation by committing their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to the ministries of the church in order to deepen and grow their own faith as well as their service to others. The congregation, also, commits its support to the individual or family to care for them in their life and faith as well.

Children and youth are considered an important part of a family’s membership. When they reach the appropriate age, they are encouraged to participate in Confirmation, at which time they are able to make this commitment to the church on their own behalf.

Both membership and Confirmation are extensions of our baptismal call to discipleship. If you would like to become a member or be confirmed but have not yet been baptized, we look forward to sharing in both of these celebrations with you. Please contact one of the ministers for more information.