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Re. Martha Wingfield – "The Awareness Test"

4-25-14 Audio Video

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Dear Friends,

I came across an article entitled “Who comes to church on the Sunday after Easter?”  The writer suggests that those in attendance could be characterized in one of two groups.  The first group is made up of the faithful who deeply believe.  The second are those few who have returned after visiting last Sunday to see if what was said about Easter was real and true.

The scripture for this week (Luke 24:13-35) offers us an answer to that question.  It is the rich post-Easter story of the Emmaus Road encounter.  On this journey, two believers meet a man whom they consider to be a stranger on the road.  In the course of their journey, which culminates at a shared meal, the stranger’s identity is revealed as he opens their eyes to the truth of his resurrection.

One of the hymns for this week is titled, Stay With Us, written by Herbert Brokering.  It beautifully captures both the meaning of the Emmaus Road story and promise of Easter.

Stay with us, till night has come;

Our praise to you this day be sung.

Bless our bread, open our eyes;

Jesus, be our great surprise.

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.

In Christ,  Martha

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