We are excited about the opportunity for our church to “welcome strangers,” as it aligns so well with our mission statement.

Update (2/25/18):

Our Congolese Family, the Bosco Family—Doing well, lots to learn! The Bosco Family is hard at work settling in, getting their physical exams and vaccinations, learning about grocery shopping in America, going to Social Security office, applying for Medi-Cal for their health care, and 101 other brand new experiences.  The children will be enrolled in school next week, and the parents will begin their ESL classes.  Thanks to your generous support, they are off to a good start in their new lives here.


Update (02/18/2018):

Our Congolese Family — Safe at last!  The Bosco/Panga family arrived safely Wednesday night at their new home.  We all had dinner together and learned a few new words.  Beds were made and all tucked in for the night. Thank you for helping them with your support.


Update (02/11/2018):

Last Sunday the SDUMC family eagerly gathered around our Giving Tree, stripping it of its tags for household goods, promising to bring the items by this Sunday. Now we are your Thank You Tree: We personally thank each and every one of you for your OVERWHELMING response to our requests for setting up the apartment and helping our Congolese family of 8 begin a new life.
You are living our mission to Welcome All, Engage our Neighbors, Serve the World.

A very special shout out to Jerome’s Furniture for donating ALL of the furniture for our family.
This generous gift was made possible through the efforts of our very own Carole Serling.
Thank you, Carole, and THANK YOU, Jerome’s. Please be sure to thank Jerome’s staff, the next time you are in their store. Their goal: “making a home for a family.”
Questions? clbreider@gmail.com
*Correction: Our Family has lived in a refugee camp for 13 years, since 2005.


Update (02/04/2018):

Our Refugee Family is Coming!!!  Last week we announced that our Congolese Family of 8 (mom, dad, 4 boys, 2 girls) is arriving on Wednesday, February 14, from the camp in Uganda, where they have spent the past 5 years. Your response was gratifying and heartwarming. Thank you!  We are off to a good beginning, but we continue to need your help to get this family off to a good start here in the San Diego area.  We are tasked with furnishing and setting up the apartment for a family of eight; from beds to cleaning supplies– everything but the kitchen sink (It’s already there)!  We will have an information table outside between services leading up to and after their arrival, along with a Giving Tree for smaller household items you may want to contribute.  We only have a short amount of time! Questions?  Want to help?  Email Cindy/Mike Breider at clbreider@gmail.com or Call Lynne Calkins  760.632.8029 or put a note in the offering plate or come to the Giving Tree.

You can also view a list of needed items, and sign up for one by clicking here.

Refugee Steering Committee:
Mike and Cindy Breider: CLBreider@gmail.com
Kris and Wayne Rogers: KRogers.ca@gmail.com
Lynne Calkins: LC1NP@cox.net
Rev. Chelsea Simon: Chelsea@encinitaschurch.com