Rev. Chelsea Simon – “Redefining Holy Ground”

9-3-17 Audio


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Hello Friends,

Moses is one of the best-known characters in the Bible and the burning bush is one of the most beloved stories in the Old Testament. By this time, Moses has fled Egypt and is living in Midian. This is just another average day for Moses. He is tending to his father in law’s flock. However, on this particular day God decides to appear to him by way of a burning bush. When Moses encounters the bush God immediately tells him to take off his sandals because the ground is holy ground.

Many of us when we wish to draw close to God choose to attend a church service or join a Bible study. These are wonderful opportunities in which we trust that God will be present and will reveal Godself to us. But maybe we have become so expectant that God will be available to us at church that we forget to look for God outside of the four walls. What if holy ground existed in common, places like the grocery store, school or the gym? What would it look like for us to “turn aside” to see God in ever day events? Perhaps more importantly, what if we turned our attention to the sacredness that lies within each person we meet?

Our lives have become so rushed that we rarely have time to slow down and pay attention to people right in front of us, who are also created in the image and love of God.

The story of the burning bush does not end with the removal of sandals. God has a specific message and mission for Moses. God has heard the cry of the slaves in Egypt and wants Moses to go set them free. I believe God hears the cry of those oppressed today and has a similar message for us…to go! The good news is that just as God promises to be with Moses, God too promises to be with us.

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  1. Yer Dad says

    You’re awesome.

  2. R says

    You’re right, God is everywhere, even on Tuesdays at work! Namaste.

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