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Rev. John Shaver- A Way Other Than Our Own: Hope

4-14-17 Audio

Order of Worship,Announcements

Dear SDUMC family,

This week I had the great joy in the midst of “trying to get everything done” to hear the sound of laughter outside my door. As I looked out, I saw the children in our preschool searching for their treasures in the annual egg hunt. I jokingly asked, “Can I have one?” There wasn’t a great rush to bring me an egg but one child after a moment said, “I’ll share!” Of course, I wasn’t going to take the treasured egg, but my heart was warmed as a three-year-old was going to share this treat.

My question in the midst of this Holy Week is what can I share? I hope you’ll join me in pondering what it is that you can share. My prayer is that in some way we each can reach out and share the great invitation of Hope, Grace, Peace and Love by sharing an invitation to join us in worship on Sunday. People are always waiting for a personal invitation, and we have a great opportunity in the Joy-filled day of Easter!

At our Easter services last year, we had many guests come to hear the Good News of Easter because YOU invited them!

This year, we’ll be sharing a message from Matthew 28, and it will be a message of Hope that shows how God, through Easter, gives us a chance to be people who live with Hope in a world where fear and anxiety seem to swirl around us.

Who of your relatives, neighbors, and co-workers do you know needs a little or a lot of Joy in their life? People are more likely to be open to your invitation at Easter than at any other time of year. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to invite them to Sun Rise Communion at 6:30 AM (at the Encinitas Community Park) and Easter Worship at 9 AM and 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary!

Here’s how we can share a little more this Easter:

  1. In your prayer time ask God to show you who to invite.
  2. Please set an example and fill out the pew pad and pass them down – so guests will see you do it and feel comfortable doing it too. When you see someone who needs help around the campus ask what you can do. If you are on social media share our Facebook invitation on your page to invite friends in a new way.
  3. Pray that hearts around the world will find the Peace that passes understanding.
  4. If you are able, please join me in parking at the business park so guests will be able to find a spot as they arrive. Greet everyone around you as there will be a lot of first-time guests. Invite them to join us for the great butterfly release following each service.

I am very excited about sharing Easter Sunday with you all! The music that has been planned is incredible! Thanks for your prayers. It’s going to be a heart-stirring Friday Evening and Joy-filled Sunday Morning! I am so grateful to be a pastor at SDUMC where All Are Welcome! Let’s share our SDUMC hospitality and God’s grace with the community this Sunday!

Grace, Peace, and Holy Week Blessings,


PS. Tonight we will also share in a powerful Good Friday Service at 7 PM, and I pray that you will find the time to join us to remember all that Christ gave for each of us and our world. Whether you are in the Sanctuary or behind your desk…take some time to reflect, pray, worship and give thanks.

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