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Rev. John Shaver – A Way Other Than Our Own

3-5-17 Audio

Announcements, Order of Worship

“I lift up my eyes to the hills—from where will my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” -Psalm 121

 I can still remember the days when I was riding in the back seat, and would hear the words of my mom or dad whispering (maybe not always whispering), “I think we’re lost.” Of course, then would come the worry of how much time we had lost, how far were we off our route and did we have enough fuel. The next step in those days brought the process in which my parents would go through the glove compartment or the AAA bag to find that piece of paper that would get us back on our way. Yes, the driving tool that we called a map.

 How easy it is for us these days now that we have a GPS device in our cars or apps on our phones that guide us to our destination. Instead of trying to find the right map now we can call out, “Hey Siri” and before we know it, a voice is giving us directions and even letting us know what time we’ll arrive. Finding our way when we’re lost isn’t too tough anymore as long as our phones are charged and we have cell reception.

 Before the apps and all the papers in the glove compartment, there has been a season that gives us guidance when we find ourselves overwhelmed, lost or tired on the journey of life.  Of course, this is the season of Lent. As I’ve grown in my Christian walk the season of Lent has continued to become more and more important to my personal journey. It is a time when I am reminded that One has mapped the way for me and I don’t have to go at it alone. A season in which I can join with my church family to journey together through corporate prayer, devotions, stewardship, and worship. A season that may not bring the quickest route but leads me to a place that I could never have imagined.

 Walter Brueggemann’s, A Way Other Than Our Own, the devotional we’re using as a congregation is one way we can walk together on the journey this year. Yesterday the author shared the comforting words, “Psalm 121 is designed exactly for travelers who face a demanding, risky journey. It is a psalm that has been used over and over by travelers and now is available for us. This psalm is an assurance and an affirmation that the journey we now undertake is not by ourselves alone. We are surrounded on the way by the God of all trust…the one who walked all the way to Jerusalem with Jesus, all the way to Friday and on through to Sunday.”

 I hope for a moment you’ll take some time and read Psalm 121 and ask God to guide you on the journey. I also hope that you’ll consider joining us at one of the studies to remind us that God has placed others in our lives to walk with us in the times that we may feel alone. I look forward to being in worship with you this Sunday (at 8, 9 or 10:30) as we share in prayer, scripture, singing and Communion so that we may be renewed for the journey.

 Grace, Peace and Lenten Blessings,



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