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Rev. John Shaver – “The Pursuit of Happiness”

9-17-17 Audio

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Over the last thirty years, there have been over twenty thousand studies about happiness published in journals around the world.These studies, as we can imagine, have come as a significant interest to the general public.Through this interest, major media outlets raced to cover the new research.

Consumers were quick to buy anything that would explain how we could become happier. Soon, industries began capitalizing on this market through conferences, books, and smartphone apps were mass produced to help ordinary people unleash the findings for their everyday lives. Since 2006, the interest in happiness, as measured by Google searches, has tripled.

And yet, there is a major problem with the happiness frenzy: it has failed to deliver on its promise. Though the happiness industry continues to grow, it doesn’t seem that the frenzy of studies and corporations has changed many lives. Indeed, social scientists have uncovered a sad irony—chasing happiness actually makes people unhappy. But there is good news, scientists say what makes you happy are the capacities for and the experiences of: love, compassion, gratitude, awe, forgiveness, joy, hope and faith. The good news is we, as a Christian faith community, can find this over and over throughout the Bible. Jesus shares in John 10:10, “…I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.”

Over the next month, we’ll be working together to share the biblical concepts that teach us how to be people who are truly happy and how to share it with others. My prayer is that you will be with us in worship, join a small group and find time to be in personal prayer and study. We’ll be using a guidebook/Bible study by United Methodist pastor, Rev. Matt Miofsky, that will be available on the patio and in the church office.

You can find a link to the Small Group options by clicking Small Group Link

This would be a very good time to reach out to a friend and invite them to worship or to join you in a small group! This will be an exciting fall season at SDUMC!

I look forward to joining with you and your friends on a joy-filled Sunday at 8 AM, 9 AM or 10:30 AM.

Grace, Peace, and Happiness,


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