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Rev. Mark Trotter- Working in the Garden

4-11-14 Audio Video

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Dear Friends,

This week we welcome the Rev. Mark Trotter to the pulpit as we enter the dark and mysterious pathos of Holy Week.  Holy Week begins with a parade for a long-expected king (Palm Sunday) and ends with the execution and burial of a wrongly-convicted Son of Man (Good Friday).  We cannot truly experience the freedom and joy of Easter if we have not traveled the dark road of Holy Week.  To start us on this journey, I’ve invited Rev. Trotter to preach at both services.  Rev. Trotter is one of the finest preachers I have ever known.   His depth of insight, pastoral heart, breadth of wisdom and remarkable effectiveness as a minister have inspired me, and so many others, over the years. We will be enriched and emboldened this Sunday as we begin Holy Week.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Mark

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