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Rev. Martha Wingfield- The Power of Kindness

2-28-13 Audio Video

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Dear Friends,


I am going to take the preaching opportunity this week to spend some time with one of the texts from our Reading the Old Testament in Six Months reading program.  The text is from the first chapter of the book of Ruth, verses 1-18.  We read this little book last week and its placement in the text offers a sort of hiatus in the ongoing narrative of the life ofthe Hebrew people.  The sermon is entitled, the Power of Kindness.


In our reading program this week, the books of Samuel form a bridge between the tribal life of the Hebrew people in Joshua and Judges and their existence as a centralized state as we will read in the books of the Kings.  In Samuel, a great transition occurs socially, economically and politically as the tribes grow in power and influence.  Urban centers develop which alter the lifestyles and ethos of a traditionally wandering people.  These factors were background influences in the writing of Samuel.  Another major transition in Jewish history that is introduced in Samuel is the person of David.  His purpose, passion and power is central to Jewish history.  Throughout all of these important changes, Yahweh is sovereign and in control of all that occurs.


On this last Sunday of the Epiphany season, we look forward to sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion and welcome the children’s choir as they present an anthem at both services.


Enjoy the rain this weekend!

In Christ, Martha

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